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With KMD Kard, all of your stylists will be able to provide an in-depth, highly professional, tailored consultation to all of your clients, raising you above your competition. KMD Kard enables you to demonstrate your professional knowledge and ability, to ensure clients understand the value of coming back to you again and again.


KMD Kard is a complete digital consultation system that provides you with all the questions you need to answer to be able to wow each and every client. It also provides much more security of information than traditional paper records - no need to worry any longer about a stray piece of paper going missing! In the age of GDPR, this is invaluable.


It provides much needed consistency across all consultations, and saves stylists time at follow up appointments, as they can easily find records from previous visits and ensures accuracy. It also means that if a stylist has to take over another's client, they can provide the same experience for them. Being able to provide this level of consistency for clients is invaluable in the highly competitive salon industry, and reinforces the professional nature of your salon. The hairdresser benefits listed below also apply to assistants and trainers.


KMD Kard can also help boost your retail sales, as it has a product recommendation section, linked to the products you sell in the salon. This can take away the dreaded "selling" aspect of retail sales for stylists.

Here, we've listed our step by step process - we hope you are as excited about the potential of Kard as we are!



This opening session gets the process started between stylist and client, allowing them to discuss their home care regime, and why they buy their current products. Do they perform in the way they expected when purchased?

Hairdresser Benefits

It's important to understand why a client is using their current hair products at home, and see if they are giving the results required. Clever little help buttons attached to each section help assistants during training, and those who train them. This doubles as a great educational tool and also helps the hairdresser to focus the discussion on the client's hair and how they can help them.



This next section helps the client to understand their hair type and texture, and will help guide towards choosing the correct hair services, and products that would best suit their hair type.

Hairdresser Benefits

The questions in this section help hairdressers to assess their client's hair and gather historical information. Leaving no stone unturned, and asking all of the relevant questions on every client visit means they can make informed decisions when it comes to helping a client make the most of their hair.



This gives the client the opportunity to discuss what they would like, and what has (or hasn't) worked in the past.

Hairdresser Benefits

Due to the questions asked and answers returned in the "assess" section, the hairdresser will find recommending the right shape far easier than simply doing what the client likes straight off the bat. KMD Kard focuses on getting the client's hair into a style that is easy to manage and replicate at home.




This section will appear differently depending on which technical service the client is having. At KMD, colouring is our speciality, so when a colour service is chosen, this area helps guide the client to their perfect colours which will compliment their natural hair colour and skin tone.

Should the client wish to have their hair extended or waved, then a different page will appear which, like the colouring section, includes a series of questions to help the stylist with all their considerations to get the right result for the client.

Hairdresser Benefits

At KMD we recognised that a very large majority of clients were unhappy with their hair colour, and hairdressers were getting stressed by the unrealistic colour demands from clients. This technical services area asks all the necessary questions so the hairdresser can make an informed decision before performing these tasks. It also helps the hairdresser be upfront and honest regarding the consequences of any chemical application. All information is gathered and stored for future reference.



This area will list the products that the stylist used to shampoo, treat/condition, style and finish the client's hair. It gives the client a chance to recap on what products the stylist used and why they will work for them when they are recreating their hair at home.

It also gives the client the opportunity to apply the products if they so desire, with the stylist showing them the correct amount to use and way to apply them. Helpful hints and tips on home styling will be emailed to the client post appointment to ensure their hair looks good every day - not just when they leave the salon! A reminder of the recommended rebooking period will also be emailed if they have not already made their next appointment.

Hairdresser Benefits

This section completely takes away the idea of hairdressers trying to "sell", as this information needs to be filled out so the client will receive their follow up email. It makes the stylist want to help the client recreate at home, using the products the stylist used to create the client's look.


Another advantage of Kard is that it can be used by assistants as well as hairdressers, making them more productive and feel part of the team.

After you have been using KARD for at least one month, we can move to Chapter Two: Smart Colour System

Curious? We thought you might be! If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page - we've done our best to answer as many commonly asked questions there as possible. If you still require further information, however, visit our contact page or email us directly at!

Ready to go? Fantastic! We can't wait to get you started. For KARD costs, and to sign up, click HERE.

Copyright Notice: Please note that KMD KARD is the property of Karen McDougall - all rights reserved.

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