What is KARD and what does it offer?

KARD is a digital consultation for salons hairstylist and freelance hairstylists, and includes consultations for all the services you provide to your clients. KARD is fully GDPR compliant for all your behind the chair services, and includes a product recommendations section with before and after pictures that are emailed to your clients after each salon visit. Before and after picture emails can be switched off for clients who do not wish to receive these.

What do I need to use KARD?

KARD is a web based application, so all you need is access to WiFi and a tablet device. You can use KARD on your laptop or desktop, however using a touch screen device is quicker.

Can I access KARD from anywhere?

Yes, as long as you have WiFi!

Can I use KARD on my mobile phone?

KARD is designed to be used on a tablet as it allows a visual consultation.

What are the main benefits of KARD?

KARD allows the stylists to offer clients a more personalised consultation, and an accurate historical record of each visit, KARD will assist a stylist in feeling more confident in their colour services and homecare product recommendations, and enable the stylist to plan services in a more cost effective way, in return allowing the stylist to generate more revenue .

Can I use KARD with any retail brand and colour range?

Yes! KARD is a universal consultation, and not linked to one particular brand of products or colour.

How do I get set up for KARD?

Sign up via the box on our KARD SIGN UP page - you will receive our welcome email and details of what information we need to setup your KARD license.

What is a KARD License, and can I have more than one?

Your KARD license gives you access to your KARD - you will receive a link to the system and details of your username and password to access your account.

Yes, you can have multiple licenses for other stylists in your salon.

How long is the license for?

You will have an initial 3 months license, then your license can be month to month.

How much does a license cost?

Single license £9.99 per month
Up to 6 licenses £19.99 per month
Up to 10 licenses £29.99 per month

What happens if I don’t want a KARD license anymore?

You can cancel your KARD license at any point after your initial three month period. Simply email with the subject "KARD CANCELLATION" to notify us and we will organise your cancellation.

If a salon staff member leaves, can they still access clients details?

If a member of your salon staff leaves, please inform KMD at - let us know which member of your team has left and we will suspend their license. All client details will still be active for you in KARD.

Where is my clients information stored?

All information is stored safely and meets GDPR legislation and will not be shared with any third parties.

What is Smart Colour System?

Smart Colour System is our follow on to KMD Kard - you can learn all about it over on our Smart Colour page (listed in the dropdown under KARD in the menu!). Smart Colour Systems is only suitable for people who have been using KARD itself for at least one month.