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Our founder

I'm Karen McDougall - I'm a session stylist, colour technician and educator based in Glasgow, Scotland, with over 30 years experience in the hair industry. I travel all over the world working on exciting brand campaigns (see my gallery for examples!) alongside working on KMD KARD - my digital consultation system and educational courses.

Using my extensive industry experience, I've developed this unique system to drive growth across the salon and team services provided behind the chair. KMD KARD will raise your professional service levels, standardise your colour processes, help the client understand the importance of home care and ensure you maintain a consistent client experience whilst growing your business.

KARD was born a number of years ago, as I was beginning to see a shift in how clients viewed hair salons and stylists. More and more, advertising encouraged our clients to buy products out-with the salon, and move away from professional salons to try colouring their hair at home. A win-win for the product companies as they were capturing the professional and commercial marketplace, but the knock on effect for salons and stylists, has reach a pivotal point. Social media, online tutorials and unrealistic expectations have reached an all time high.

KARD was created to protect the the salon, protect the professional Stylist, and to show our clients that what we do involves a series of extremely technical and often complex procedures in order to maintain the health and integrity of the hair. We train for years and nothing is left to chance or guesswork. From skin testing and strand testing, to our consultation and gathering of information with regards to the history of our clients hair, we are able to make accurate decisions, and careful, thought through application plans for each visit a client has to a salon.

Consultation is the key element of any service a salon provides and allows the professional stylist to create an accurate history for every client.

The journey to healthy hair and beautiful colour begins with KMD KARD.

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